Excalibur Cabinet

Treat your family to the ULTIMATE classic retro video game fun! For nearly 20 years our partners at DreamAuthentics have designed the world’s most powerful, popular and fun home, custom arcade. These arcades can play ALL of your favorite retro titles on a single arcade. Please check out these great products and keep in mind that most any project that your child designs in one of our Create and Play camps or courses can be played directly on this REAL arcade!

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The EXCALIBUR is designed with ECONOMY in mind – both in PRICE and SPACE SAVINGS. The EXCALIBUR – like King Arthur’s favorite sword – is SLEEK, POWERFUL, SHARP and MAGICAL!

This arcade cabinet packs all the “PUNCH” of our other cabinets in a smaller, sleek form factor.
The Excalibur ALSO COMES WITH a standard 2 coin door.
Excalibur integrates all the software and hardware platforms required for you to experience the ULTIMATE collection of classic arcade games in a universal, cool arcade product with their ORIGINAL Graphics, ORIGINAL Sound and ORIGINAL Picture aspect ratio!
The Excalibur includes a CUSTOM computer platform, a huge 27″ AUTHENTIC ARCADE monitor, a ONE TOUCH ON/OFF POWER SWITCH, an arcade authentic audio system with subwoofer, and revolutionary control panel with spinner, illuminated trackball and AUTHENTIC arcade joysticks and buttons.
Our systems have been extensively tested and designed to be fully compatible with all PC-based games and software emulators.

You can also play your favorite XBOX games by hooking up your XBOX to the Excalibur monitor.

All DreamAuthentics products also come with:

  • (even though you CAN use them you will NEVER BE FORCED TO)
  • Software to play all your favorite DVD movies
  • Software to play all your favorite Music Audio Files
  • Unlimited Expansion Architecture

ALL our arcade platforms can play thousands of video games including games like pac man, missile command, centipede and others like video poker (games like these) which are all designed for use with Microsoft Windows Operating System and are 100% compatible with the MAME(tm) emulator.
Don’t delay – get an EXCALIBUR today!


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