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We are 100% focused on helping kids develop lifelong skills that will empower our students for life.

Helping Kids Develop Skills

When you donate to Video Game Palooza, you are helping to change the lives of many diverse youths.  You really are positively impacting and inspiring kids.  The donation serves to further the curriculum so we can stay up to date with the latest technologies.  It also serves to enable kids without the means to attend the camps.

Your generous contribution will enable kids to learn how to code new video games using their imagination, empower kids to collaborate as teams, interact with peers and form lifelong friendships. People like you, who care about the future of the education of this country can take pride that using STEM/STEAM technologies will empower thousands of young people to "dream big" and take pride in their accomplishments.

Education, Video Games and technology in today's society is a powerful confluence of opportunity for kids of all ages.

Thank you in advance for reading this and considering supporting our foundation and mission to empower the next generation of leaders through education, video games and STEM technology.  We love it every time our mission impacts the lives of those we have the privilege of supporting. 

NONE of this would be possible without the amazing contributions of our supporters around the world and people like you that know what we can do together to make a difference and make them smile.

“My daughter attended Modding with Minecraft last summer. I can’t say enough great things about her experience. She learned new skills, met new friends and absolutely loved the experience. She can’t wait for next summer to try Intro to Game Design with Kodu and camp Unity. She’s told her friends at school and they are going to go all together! Thanks for opening her eyes to STEM possibilities!

Joan Wickman

“My son, Max, and his cousin, Ellie, went to Computer Creation and Coding with Kudu in July.  They had a blast.  The counselor were fun and knowledgeable.  They catered to all of the campers skills levels.  The kids loved the learning, but also the physical activity on the basketball courts and the team based play in the afternoon.  They both felt that it was the perfect combination to a day.  I thought it was great that they could do a camp together.  They also still use their raspberry pi computers that they built.  I’d give this experience a 10 out of 10.

Barbara Thomas

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