Summer camps that teach kids the skills behind video games.

Intro To Video Game Design

Ages 10 – 14. OUR MOST POPULAR PROGRAM! In this camp you will create your own 3D worlds, add in pre-made characters and functionality through click and drag programming interface. We utilize Microsoft Kodu software. It is best for younger individuals without a lot of experience with game creation.

Video Games & Graphics

Ages 10 – 14. This camp allows kids to learn to make your own creations in graphic design software through learning design basics. You will learn how to create your own characters, backgrounds, enemies, obstacles, stages, etc. that can be used as assets in a video game.

Mobile Phone Game Creation

Ages 12 – 16. In this camp you will use Construct 2 software to create a game that can be utilized on a mobile device. This software also utilizes drag and drop programming but with more in depth abilities. You will create your own worlds, learn to create own characters, learn to animate those characters, create objectives in their games & deliver their games on a phone.

Web Design & Animation

Ages 12-16. This advanced camp deals with modern day web design and interactivity on a web page. Topics will include HTML, CSS & building animations through Adobe Edge software. We will be creating interactive projects and potentially basic games with this software.

Video Game Live Broadcasting

Ages 12-16. Learn the skills needed to do your own live streams of the video games you play. Learn how to utilize audio & video equipment to record game play, in-game audio, player audio, and caster commentary. Apply lighting and record casters in a video studio. Connect to to understand how to bring it all together.