Modding With Minecraft


Location(s): Westfield

Amenities:Snacks & Drinks Included

Cost: $269 before May 1st, $299 after May 1st



Ages 12 – 16. LEARN TO CODE WITH MINECRAFT! In modding with Minecraft you will learn the programming fundamentals of Javascript through Blockly & utilizing actual Javascript. This is the most advanced camp that we will offer. The best thing about this camp is that everyone will utilize their own Minecraft server. The Javascript fundamentals they learn will then allow them to customize the second best selling game ever, Minecraft!

Below is an example of the type of work we’ll be doing in Modding Minecraft:





 Test your mods on a private server. Invite friends to play too. You control everything about your server: The weather, the time of day, who’s banned and who’s not. You can install texture packs. And, of course, you can mod it with mods you’ve written. Unlock cool badgse and start leveling-up as a coder. Soon you’ll be designing and coding multi-player mini-games of your own.

Some things you will learn how to do:

– Create lightning strikes
– Adjusting your inventory
– How to summon creepers
– Understanding programming loops
– Controlling the weather
– An introduction into object oriented programming

Space will be limited for these camps. Camp cost will be $299 ($269 before May 1st) for each session. The camp will meet daily Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm.