“O’Reilly had a great experience! Everyone was very accommodating. I strongly recommend this camp to others, regardless of abilities.
Kristin G., Parent

“I enjoyed it a lot, the instructors helping each student head on if they got into trouble and the atmoshpere of fun and games was as well very enjoyable. I also believed I learned a very good amount of things during these camps.
Jeremy, Student

“I love what you are doing at your camps, giving the tech-minded child a chance to flex his muscles!
Bill S., Parent

“I wanted to thank you for organizing the camps that Seth has attended. After the last camp, he really got into updating the game he created. He continues to add to it. I even put it online so people can see it. His game works on his iPhone, so it’s pretty exciting for him!
Brian L., Parent

My son loved the camp and compared it to another camp he attended at Purdue that was a lot more costly. He loved the opportunity to try out other kids games.”


The Create And Play camp was a memorable experience. I got to meet new friends, make and play a game of my own, and have tons of fun! I can’t wait to come back this summer!”
Jackson, Camper

I was very pleased with the staff! My son is special needs and can be difficult but they handled him wonderfully. Thank you for a positive experience!”

Camp was fantastic for my son! He had a great time and was engaged all day long. He loved having lunch provided, which was a real plus for me over other camps. I will definitely send my son to Create And Play for camp again!”
Shannon R., Mom


This was certainly a worthwhile camp. Being right next to the people you play, a friendly-competitive atmosphere, and a lot of fun. The staff is helpful, the actual building has a sleek and modern design, and it’s a great camp to meet other geeky game nerds! If you like games, this is the place for you.”
Jared B., Camper

My son would describe his week at summer camp as awesome! Where else could a kid spend a fun week playing video games? It’s a safe, fun atmosphere and the staff is super!”
Rachel J., Mom